5 Reasons to become a host with Anyspace

5 Reasons to become a host with Anyspace!

Alex and Dave finding Garages for Renters - Anyspace
Alex and Dave finding Garages for Renters

You may have heard about Anyspace – and just to remind you we’re an online marketplace in New Zealand connecting Kiwis like you and me who provide affordable and convenient storage and usable space with those that want it!
So, maybe you’ve got some spare space? It could be an unused car park, garage, room, yard or office space. Um did I just mention yard? I certainly did - Hosts can list any usable space they can think of! And it’s now easier than ever to do so.
Hosting with Anyspace is simple! But, why would you want to become a Host? The question really should be, why wouldn’t you!?
We bring you our 5 favourite reasons why you should Host with Anyspace:

1. Extra income source

Show me the money! The best part about this type of income source is that you don’t have to do much to make it. Renting out your usable space simply involves creating a good listing then setting the terms and conditions. The average rental period is six months and access is often minimal - and remember these terms are completely determined by you, the Host. Once you’ve rented out your usable space and you’re satisfied with the agreement, it really becomes a case of “set and forget” – just watch the income pile up in your bank account.  Did you know right now Anyspace gives you 100% of your rental income. Learn about becoming a verified Host, it’s completely free!

2. Less risky business

Once you’ve decided on a potential renter, you may choose to meet them, ask for referees or anything else that gives you peace of mind, just like you would when looking for a flatmate or tenant. What’s good about this agreement, is that a person renting out your spare space is not nearly as a high risk of choosing a less than ideal… say flatmate! Because you set the terms, you have complete control over the arrangement. This means the risk of any unfavourable agreement is greatly reduced. And just so you know, once you have become a verified Host and have listed your space, there is absolutely no obligation to rent it. You are encouraged to be 100% comfortable and satisfied with the arrangement and the terms you set. In the rare case that any problems arise Anyspace has got your back! Check out our easy to read FAQs for further peace of mind.

Host and Dave at Anyspace
Happy Host Renting Out Car Parks in Wellington

3. ‘Cos why not?

If you’re not using your spare usable space anyway, why not make a passive income? It makes sense to at least check it out – it’s just sitting there unused, right!? Take a look at what our Hosts have had to say about using Anyspace. In fact, many people before they became Hosts didn’t know they could be making extra income from their unused space on their property. It works too, because the rates are cheaper than commercial storage and other usable space rates, and the space is generally at a more convenient location where your neighbours and users actually want it. Plus, did you hear? We’re continuously growing #humblebrag!
“I had my car park in Wellington listed on another website for ages, when I listed it on Anyspace it was rented out within the week!” – Lou 

4. The community helping the community

There’s actually another pretty cool aspect about renting your spare space too. Unused space can really help out your neighbours as they get space at rates a hell of a lot cheaper than commercial rates, while you as a Host can make some pretty impressive gains yourself – it’s about mutually benefiting both sides. Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you are part of a community helping the community?

5. Sustainability

This is my ultimate favourite! A super cool reason to become a Host with Anyspace is that it’s a pretty sweet solution to our many sustainability challenges. If you’re thinking yeah right? Just hear me out for a sec. The world is moving towards sharing resources rather than creating excess – just look at some cool Kiwi examples: Your Drive - a user can get access to someone else's car in their neighbourhood or Auckland Library of Tools - where a broad range of tools can be borrowed from a communal library, so cool! Anyspace is proud to be a part of our sharing economy. By sharing spaces this allows us to take steps however small or big, towards a more sustainable future.
There you have it, our five favourite reasons why you should Host on Anyspace. Being a Host is a hands-off and an extremely easy way to earn extra cash. With Anyspace any space can potentially earn you an income, from your garage, shed, spare room to a backyard for someone to park a boat or caravan. Give it a go and create a listing, you never know!
Peace out – Rachel.