Anyspace Charges

Booking & Listing Charges: 

  • As from 15th September 2021 our charges will be as follows;
  • IF YOU ARE BOOKING A SPACE ON WEBSITE MARKETPLACE! You will pay a small activation charge to process the Rental and secure your SPACE. This is a ONE OFF CHARGE and will be added to the first payment amount for the Rented Space. 
    • Car Parking - $19.95 plus gst. 
    • Garage/Storage - $19.95 plus gst
    • Office/Work Space - $19.95 plus gst.
  • If you are LISTING a Space on our marketplace, our charges are 15% plus gst of the weekly, monthly or total amount of the rental fee. This will be deducted each time the Customer pays. So if it's weekly then it will be deducted weekly, monthly or total payment, which is is requested by you at the time of the setup.
  • We collect the funds for you ensure that you get paid, then remit those fees to you as they process, through our payment provide Stripe. Please ensure your banking details are in you profile set up or we CAN'T pay you.
  • Any Credit Card fees will be the responsibility of the payee and will deducted from any and all transactions based on our processors agreement.
  • Typically they remit funds to us between 5-10 days at which time we will notify you, reconcile the mount due and remit your funds to you.
  • Thank you for your business!