Terms & Conditions

  1. Through clicking “I ACCEPT”, you will be automatically registered as a user of Any Space Limited and agree to enter into a legally binding Contract with Any Space Limited on the following terms.
  2. Host: Is the person or entity listing via the Any Space Website and making available a specified area as an Any Space so that the Lessee can store items belonging to them or in their possession that do not breach clause 8 of this Contract.
  3. Area: Is the specified Any Space area at the Host's address where the Lessee’s items are stored under a Contract
  4. Lessee: Is the person or entity paying the Total Fee charged and utilising the specified Any Space area to store items belonging to them or under their possession and must not be items excluded under clause 8.
  5. Listing: Is the advertisement, listing or post on the Any Space Website offering a specified Any Space area for the storage of goods that are not excluded under clause 8.
  6. Contract: Is the agreement between a Host and a Lessee to utilise the specified Any Space area for the storage of agreed goods for a set Total Fee.
  7. Stored Goods: This means any materials, goods and/or items, which do not breach clause 8 and are to be stored in the specified Any Space area under a Contract.
  8. Prohibited Goods: Under no circumstances are any of the following items permitted to be stored. To do so, or attempt to do so will be deemed as a direct breach of Contract: Weapons of any sort, firearms, ammunitions, explosives or incendiary devices; hazardous and/or combustible goods or materials: any toxic, polluted, contaminated or radioactive goods or materials; be they live or dead, any plants or animals; food or perishable goods (unless frozen food that is stored in a deep freezer and consented to by prior written agreement with the Host); any items that are damp, mouldy, rotten, decomposing or infested with or damaged by insects or parasites; or any item that emits fumes or any form of strong odour; cash, securities, precious metals or precious stones; stolen or illegal goods; any waste or waste products; or any items or materials whose storage or presence would nullify any insurance policy that would otherwise provide cover for the stored items or the specified All Space area.

General Terms

  1. Any Space Limited is not, and do not represent themselves as a rental agent or property broker. Their function is solely to operate as an intermediary for members to transact and is not, and should not be considered a party to any Contract or agreement between the Host and the Lessee.
  2. Any Space Limited reserves the right to close or cancel your account, to remove or block access to any Listing for any reason that they deem may be harmful to any other user or users of the Any Space Website or any Listing that they consider as fake, misleading or possibly used for price fixing purposes.


  1. When you set up your user account; Any Space Limited may require you to validate your identity. You warrant that all documents provided for identity purposes are complete, current and accurate. In your acceptance of this Contract you undertake to inform Any Space Limited within 7 days of any changes to the information previously provided by way of the identity documents (for example, change of name or, be it phone or address, change of any and/or all contact details)  
  2. Individual Listings are an offer by the Host to enter a legally binding Contract with the Lessee. 
  3. In the event a Lessee breaches this Contract by failing to make the required full payment to Any Space Limited, the Host agrees to:
    1. Assign their rights as bailee.
  4. By entering into a Contract with a Host you, as the Lessee warrant and represent that you will only use the specified Any Space area for the storage of personal property, that you are not seeking storage of Prohibited Goods and will not use the specified Any Space area for any illegal or unauthorised purpose, and you will not do nor store anything that will impede on the Host’s fair and reasonable enjoyment of the remainder of their property.
  5. The Host has the option to refuse you or any other person access to their premises, or the specified All Space area (this includes after the termination of your Contract) if:
    1. You have breached one or more of your obligations under this Contract; or
    2. You have failed to provide suitable identification to the Host upon commencement of the Contract. Obligations of Any Space Limited.


    1. Within the first 24 hours of commencement either User (Host or Lessee) may cancel the Contract without penalty (“Cooling Off Period”). Cancellation must be provided in writing or through the Any Space Website and be received by Any Space Limited prior to the first 24 hours of the commencement expiring. Outside of the 24 Hour Cooling Off Period if either of the two parties seek to cancel or amend the Contract, that party must provide thirty (30) days notice in writing.
    2. If, as a Lessee, you choose to cancel or terminate the Contract beyond the Money Back Guarantee Period, you must provide thirty (30) days written notice (“Notice Period”) to the Host and to Any Space Limited of your intention to terminate or cancel the Contract, and regardless of whether you have vacated or removed your Stored Goods within the period of notice you as the Lessee are obliged to pay the Total Fees due for the whole Notice Period. The Host will receive the Any Space rent for the whole Notice Period.

    Abandoned Goods

    1. If you, as the Lessee fail to pay Any Space Limited any and all funds that are owed by you, within 28 days of the due date; or if you fail to remove your stored items when required to do so under this Contract; and despite receiving written notification you fail to resolve either or both of these issues as instructed, your property will be deemed to be ‘abandoned goods’ for the purposes of this clause.