Storage Unit Prices

One of the most common topics we’re asked about at Anyspace is around storage unit prices and how much do they cost? The answer may surprise you as many people for whom a storage unit could be useful believe they can’t afford one, but they’re usually much more affordable than you think... read more on storage unit prices.

Is working from home the new normal?

So many things are about to change in the (post) COVID-19 time. We believe that there is a high likelihood for a lot of change in the commercial real estate and work culture. But what does this mean for you? Is working from home the new normal?..

What to do when you have spare office space that you do not use?

You probably would not rent a five-bedroom house and only use two bedrooms, would you? We certainly wouldn’t. So why waste that spare space in your office? What to do when you have spare office space that you do not use? Rent it out!

5 tips to renting office or retail space

Is your business ready for the next step? Are you looking into renting an office or retail space for your business? Is your own home office getting too small for the amount of employees you have? Listen up! Here are five tips that you want to know before renting an office or retail space

How landlords can increase their rental yields by renting out their garages.

Increase Rental Yield by Renting Out Your Garage

If you go online or look in your area for community notice boards, you will see a lot of people are renting their spare car parks and garages for extra cash flow. A lot of experienced landlords already know how to use their assets to extract as much value as possible more

Save on storage how to maximize your storage space and save money

Anyspace storage dog

We all have too much stuff or at least feel like we do. If you want to declutter and make your house liveable again but still want to save on storage, we're giving you various more

Short or long term car spaces available near you

Anyspace long term car park Wellington

The number one thing about car parking is it’s expensive, especially in Auckland and Wellington. However, we've got your more

5 Minutes with Dave Shannon from Anyspace

Anyspace Alex And Davo

Dave from Anyspace chats with Corey Hinde from Good Oil Marketing about Anyspace's insights and challenges about launching a peer to peer platform around sharing more

Make money renting out your carpark or driveway.

Anyspace Everywhere

While there are so many people looking to rent a car park or space, but you might not one of them, instead maybe you’ve had a light bulb moment thinking “Hey I might have a parking space to offer”. Then why not dip your toes in the other side of the sharing economy and become an Anyspace host? It’s simple, easy, and right now it’s 100% free to make a listing for your spare car more

5 Reasons to become a host with Anyspace!

Anyspace Alex And Davo

Hosting with Anyspace is simple! But, why would you want to become a Host? The question really should be, why wouldn’t you!? We bring you our 5 favourite reasons why you should Host with Anyspace more

What is Anyspace? What do we do?

Alex and Dave from Anyspace

New Zealand's easiest peer to peer storage & usable space platform. Hosts can rent out their spare space for example: spare garages, home offices, car parks or commercial office space to locals. Renters get mates rates and a better location compared to commercial services while Hosts can earn income. Win, more