5 tips to renting office or retail space

5 tips to renting office or retail space

Do you have a starting business or is your business ready for the next step? Are you looking into renting an office or retail space for your business? Is your own home getting too small for the amount of employees you have? Listen up!

Here are five tips that you want to know before renting an office or retail space:

    1. Keep costs low

When you have a starting business it might be wise to try and keep costs for office rent as low as possible. Renting a space can get quite expensive and that is why we advise you to look into different options. For example; you can look into renting an office or a hot desk at a coworking space or you could look for an already existing business to see if you could work from their venue for a couple days a week. 

Tip: browse through anyspace.co.nz to find the perfect place for you, spaces are offered for excellent rates! 

    2. Use a middleman

We all have heard horror stories of people signing a lease only for them to find out something terrible about the space and not being able to undo the agreement. Finding trustworthy people is sometimes not as easy as it may seem; what should you look out for? What are the signs of something being slightly dodgy? Anyspace is there to serve as your middle man. We always make sure that the hosts that we are partnering with are trustworthy and have a good reputation. You also know that by using Anyspace you will get what you see and all of that for a fair price! 

    3. Have a flexible agreement

If you are a new business there are many things that could change in the coming years. You might grow into needing to hire more people or maybe you are required to downsize. Therefore we believe that it is important to rent a space that is based on a flexible agreement so you will be able to change your plans if that is what's needed. Contracts through Anyspace are always flexible. You will never have the need to sign an unnecessary 5-year plan. You will be able to negotiate with the host through Anyspace and you can always create an agreement that leaves you with enough flexibility to have the office space that is required for your business. 

    4. Lease equipment and furniture

Additional costs on top of your rent could be costs for furniture, utilities and equipment. Trying to cut these costs (again; very smart if you’re a startup) might be smart. You could check if the office you’re renting from is also willing to lease their furniture and equipment. You might also want to consider leasing your furniture from companies that offer this service. Another tip; if you’re leasing goods, always check if there is an option-to-buy within your contract. On Anyspace it is easy to negotiate and discuss, both the host and renter are users of the platform. We’re sure you both find the best solution for both of you but do let us know if we can assist in any way. 

    5. What kind of amenities would you want to have nearby?

The location of your new office is something you might want to give some thought. It should be easily accessible for your coworkers. For example; are most of your employees traveling by car, or would they rather want to walk to work? Besides choosing the right location, you might want to think about having certain amenities close by such as a supermarket, a coffee shop or a park to walk in to get some fresh air. Luckily, on Anyspace many different areas and cities are represented.
Go and have a look here: www.anyspace.co.nz 

We hope the steps above will give you a starting point of what to look for when searching for an office space. After all, this is an exciting time for your business! Make sure to keep costs low, try to use a middleman, look for a flexible agreement, try to lease equipment and furniture and choose what kind of amenities you would like to have close to you. Take a look at all the offers at www.anyspace.co.nz or send an email to info@anyspace.co.nz if you either want to rent or rent out office space. It is our goal to help you find the right match!