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What is Anyspace?

Anyspace is online marketplace for space (storage space & usable space like garages, extra rooms, carparks or even commercial office space). We connect you to your neighbours in the community - people with extra space (Hosts) to people who are looking for storage space (Renters). Our website makes it quick, easy and most importantly safe and secure to store goods and earn money.

What does it cost to post my listing?

Anyspace is free to post your listings! What are you waiting for?

How much can I make as a Host?

As rough guide: an average garage will rent for about $40-$80 a week, a spare bedroom is about $30-$50 per week, and car parks $20-$80 per week. The closer to public amenities or the more features it has the more desirable the space becomes. Price to the market not over it, to ensure a quick and desirable rental.

How am I protected as a Host?

As a Host you can refer any uncertain issues to Anyspace. On the rare occasion where an issue arises, we can help manage resolutions including but not limited to, payment, storage removal due to overstay, lost items claims by renter and anything else. We are here to look after you and provide you with a hassle free, seamless and enjoyable experience.

I need help listing my space?

Please contact us at and our team will be able to help you.

What if I do not want to accept a renter's request?

As a Host, you are in control of your space. If you find a that a potential renter not suitable, you may decline their request.

How do I get paid?

Payments to Hosts are made monthly on the anniversary of your booking commencement. Anyspace will deposit your earnings directly into your nominated Bank Account. Anyspace handles all payments through our secure payment system, so that means one less thing to deal with and less hassle for you.

Can I get my space back?

The length of rental can be set or left open ended when you start a new contract. If circumstances change and you need your space back, you need to give at least 4 weeks notice to Anyspace and the Renter, to give them time to remove their goods.

What is my relationship with Anyspace and the other party?

Anyspace provides the platform and marketplace for Hosts and Renters to connect and transact but does not directly supply the space. As a Host, you have a direct relationship with the Renter, and a separate independent relationship with Anyspace. We recommend you verify the identity of the contracting party, the items stored and clearly outline the conditions of the rental prior to accepting a booking.

How much can I save renting through Anyspace?

Hosts will set their own prices. However, based on our recommendations and benchmarks for Hosts, Renters can potentially save around 50% when compared with traditional or commercial storage prices.

Are my things safe?

Yes, the safety of your property is is the most important thing to our team here at Anyspace. We verify our Hosts listing on our website all hosts will receive ongoing reviews and ratings available for you to consider.

What can I store?

You can store anything from household goods to cars and boats. However, no illegal or toxic products, no perishables, no highly flammable or unstable products. You have a duty of care that means your items will not cause any harm to the space rented or to the host, if in doubt please check with host.

How do I pay for storage space?

Your payment is made through, we use Stripe for online payment processing. Stripe is one of New Zealand's preferred and most trusted online payment systems. Once you have started using the space and are satisfied, your host will be paid by Anyspace.

Can I use the space freely as needed?

Conditions or the “terms” of rental should be clearly listed and agreed to by the Host and Renter before accepting. The level of access you require can range from unlimited full access to varying degrees of access requiring to give the Host notice.