Make money renting out your carpark or driveway.

Make money renting out your carpark or driveway.

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New Zealanders are renting out garages and car parks everywhere

While there are so many people looking to rent a car park or space, but you’re not one of them, instead maybe you’ve had a light bulb moment thinking “Hey I might have a parking space to offer”. Then why not dip your toes in the other side of the sharing economy and become an Anyspace host? It’s simple, easy, and right now it’s 100% free to make a listing for your spare car space. There’s so many people searching for the ideal location for a long term or a short term car park particularly in those bigger cities like Auckland and Wellington.

The coolest part is you get to make a solid passive income by becoming a host. A passive income is one of the best types of incomes as you don’t have to do much to make it. There’s a lot of people we’ve helped by doing just this, helping connect your car park listing to those looking for a long or short term parking space. The extra income helps give you further financial freedom so you can do the things you love more! 

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So, you like the idea, but maybe you’re not so sure. The sharing economy is not new. Some people may be a bit unsure about being a host. We understand, and we’d like to reassure you it’s really just like renting, but way simpler. What’s more, a lot of us have probably already experienced things that are part of the sharing economy without even realising! Have you rode in an Uber or stayed at an Airbnb?. A few years ago, nobody knew the concepts, now they’re thrown around like household names that have been here forever! Being an Anyspace host, is exactly like being a host on other sharing economy platforms, like Airbnb, but for usable space - with a hell of a lot less hassle.

You might like to check out a recent report about the sharing economy that’s directly related to Airbnb but the underlying message is the same. It works. The Stats NZ report, Accommodation and the sharing economy in New Zealand which aligns with the findings of the Deloitte Access Economics’ report, Economic effects of Airbnb in New Zealand shows that the sharing economy is highly successful and beneficial to communities. For example home sharing now accounts for nearly one in five guest nights which indicates just how important this is and more importantly that people use it. 

The benefits of the sharing economy are spread throughout the community. The biggest beneficiaries from New Zealand’s sharing economy boom are local families, small businesses and regional communities. For example, people in your community get parking spaces at mates rates, and the other side of the coin goes to you. It’s a win-win situation we’re happy to be apart of.

We want to help you take advantage of this opportunity. We have a great support team and encourage you to be 100% comfortable. You set the terms, you decide on who the renter is and there is no obligations to rent your space at all. Check out our FAQs about becoming a host.

"It was so easy to create a login on Anyspace and list my Garage. Only took a few days to rent it out too" - Regan

It could be a driveway, a car port or part of your yard. No parkable space is too ridiculous, and there’s certainly nothing ridiculous about the ability to make a good passive income from it. So, you think you might have a spare parking space to offer? Create your listing today to find out. Join our hosts getting 100% of the rental income from renting out a short term car park in Wellington, to a long term car park in Auckland - and anything in between. Become a Host on Anyspace by listing your parking space - a better way to list, a smarter way to earn.

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If you like what you see, sign up here. It’s 100% free to list right now, and it’s always 100% on your terms. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any questions, contact our friendly team at

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