Storage Unit Prices

One of the most common topics we’re asked about at Anyspace is around storage unit prices and how much do they cost? The answer may surprise you as many people for whom a storage unit could be useful believe they can’t afford one, but they’re usually much more affordable than you think.

Storage units are the most common type of unit for storage items on a long-term basis, they’re typically in a block with other units and come with a garage door so you can easily store and remove your larger items.

How Much Should a Storage Unit Cost?

The cost of a storage container sized 3m x 2m start at around $30 per week and can go up to $67 per week for a 7m x 3.6m sized storage unit. This varies from location to location, for example, you might pay slightly more in Auckland than you would in Christchurch.

What you can expect to get for this is a good-sized storage unit to store whatever you need, a clean space to keep your items in good condition, access to it whenever is convenient for you and a lockable and secure space that you can open with keys when required.

Storage Costs for Different Types of Storage

There are more than just traditional storage units available and at Anyspace our members like to rent out any space they have available that they’re not using, here are a few different types of storage and the costs you may expect to pay for each:

Storage Unit

Usually comes in a block with other units, easy access and has a lockable garage door to fit in and store larger items. Typically costs around $30 to $67 per week to rent.

Office Storage Space

This includes different storage areas available in offices, it could be a cupboard, spare room or dedicated storage space and can usually be locked and won’t be available to others. Costs range but you could typically expect to pay $40 to $60 for a good-sized storage area.

Spare Bedroom

Sometimes people prefer to rent out their spare bedrooms for storage space rather than to a tenant, this can suit all parties as the house owner still has their own space and the renter has a much cheaper arrangement to store their belongings. This can be especially useful to students who need to store belongings whilst between accommodations. Costs typically range between $50 to $75 per week.

Storage Containers

If you need to store the contents of your house or office then you may need a bigger storage solution such as a storage container. These are usually stored on a site but can also sometimes be shipped to your location for an extra cost. Typically costs between $30 and $52 per week for a 20-foot container.

Storage Prices on Anyspace

We launched Anyspace because we wanted to make storage affordable and to connect Kiwis so they can set up mutually beneficial relationships and avoid high costs at some storage facilities. This is why the storage prices you see above, which are based on Anyspace listings, are lower than you may expect.

Take a look at our current listings to see the different types of storage we have available throughout New Zealand.