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“What the hell is anyspace and what do you do?”

Alex and Dave
Alex and Dave from Anyspace

So, you may find yourself here as you’ve heard the name or maybe you’ve just stumbled across Anyspace. If you are asking yourself, “What the hell is Anyspace and what do you do?” You’ve come to the right place! Auckland based, we’re New Zealand’s easiest online marketplace for space. Kiwi co-founders Dave Shannon and Alex Aitken describe Anyspace.co.nz as an easy to use and trusted platform that connects Hosts and Renters of spare space. Hosts are locals in your community that provide their extra space to people who are looking to rent that extra space. In a nutshell, it’s like Airbnb for storage and usable space.

We have two main categories. First, we focus on storage space and secondly, usable space. This creates a whole lot of opportunities to host or rent space like garages, extra rooms, workshops, car parks to office spaces. At Anyspace we make it quick, easy and most importantly safe and secure to connect those looking for space with those hosting space. Renters get mates rates and a better location compared to what many commercial services are offering, while Hosts can earn extra. It’s free to join and to list your spare space!

Just the other day on Anyspace, we helped a solo mum rent out her garage and part of her back yard at $80 per week to someone that needed storage for his car and caravan in Auckland. We make Hosts earn a bit extra.

Also, check out what we did for Tim. He was paying $135 a week to store a 6m boat, now he pays $50 a week to use a whole garage! That price includes access to electricity and water to wash down the boat. It’s incredibly cheaper for Tim, and he feels it's 10x safer for his boat now. We help renters find their space solutions.

Tim and boat
Tim using a neighbours garage from Anyspace

It doesn’t just stop there though! Maybe you’re a freelancer, flexible worker or a start up? We encourage co-working space listings such as affordable hot desks. So, if you’re needing a comfortable place to work that can get the creative juices flowing or amp up your productivity this can be found through Anyspace too!

We are so proud to be helping Kiwi Hosts to earn extra money, and on the other side, proud to be helping Kiwi Renters save time and money. 

We understand how important a “shared economy” is and how the opportunities of this can benefit so many people. The way we do things is changing. By embracing and welcoming this change, people can earn in a more flexible way. Just look at Uber or Airbnb. It works because people who use those services can gain the benefits of paying less without compromising their level of service. In fact, sometimes it’s been better than more traditional ways. Just look at Tim, he now has more money for other things than paying for outrageous storage costs, and in a better location for him. And as a Host, like the awesome solo mum we helped out has more money coming in.

At the end of the day, it’s about the community helping the community, in a shared economy. We are connecting Kiwis, who need usable or storage space with Kiwis who have it. At Anyspace we are totally committed to helping people earn a bit of extra income to help fund overseas trips, mortgages, deposits and so much more, all while helping people who rent those spaces save on their costs! After only 9 weeks of launching we have tonnes of listings and we are growing daily. So, what are you waiting for? Join now here, and check out our latest listings, or create your own listing. It’s free, simple and safe!

Peace out – Rachel.